The Gate - Environment

I originaly created this scene during an environment art course at Future Games. We were suppose to create a asset pack within a certain theme. After having gained more experience I decided to revisit this project and create a proper environment out of my asset pack.

I could not decide on a night or day time render so I ended up with both since that allowed me to learn even more about lighting.

Thank you for taking a look!

Johan qvarfordt evening 01
Johan qvarfordt midday 01
Johan qvarfordt evening 02
Johan qvarfordt midday 02
Johan qvarfordt evening 03
Johan qvarfordt midday 03
Johan qvarfordt evening 04
Johan qvarfordt midday 04
Johan qvarfordt evening 05
Johan qvarfordt midday 05
Johan qvarfordt mixermaterial 01

During this project I decided to try out the new Quixel Mixer, and it turned out to be a very promising software with the excellent material library of megascans. It's a very fast and effective way to create all kinds of materials that you could think of.

Johan qvarfordt smartmaterial 01

During projects I always try to organize and create smart materials during the texture progress. This helps me extend and build my own library for future projects.

Johan qvarfordt smartmaterial 02

Alot of the objects that I textured in SP were mainly made of wood. Some of the materials are created from scratch and some are created using photo references turned into textures as a base layer.

Johan qvarfordt designermaterial 01

I did not end up working alot with Substance Designer during this project since I chose to try out Mixer instead, but these two materials were created from scratch and used during texturing.

Johan qvarfordt assetoverview 01

An overview of the assets created from scratch. All the foliage and VFX was taken from the unreal starter content and tweaked for the project.

Johan qvarfordt assetoverview 02

A closeup of the gear scattered over the battlefield

Johan qvarfordt progress gif

Progress GIF. Wish I would have documented the process a bit better especially at the beginning.

Johan qvarfordt m landscape

I created material layers with parameters and height blended them together and used height maps as displacement together with tessellation for the landscape. I also created a custom puddle material in engine that blended on top.

Johan qvarfordt m mastermaterial

The master material is very flexible with options for classic texture set ups or combined maps no matter what channel combination. Also added vertexpaint and dither blend options.