Lux in the Temple of Shadows - Environment

This is some of the work i did on a 7 week project at FutureGames, Stockholm called L.U.X. - in the Temple of Shadows

The game can be downloaded for free at:

I was in charge of texturing most of the assets, implementing and set dressing our level and finally lighting the level. Sara Söderman supported with set dressing as well. I was Scrum Master for the project, working together with the team to make progress on the game in time for deadlines and setting priorities.

Closer look at materials created during the project:

In-game environment also made by:
Joakim Engholm: Environment assets
Sara Söderman: Vegetation, Animation, Rigging
Erik Forsström: VFX
Nomi Bontegard: Character modelling & animation

Johan qvarfordt luxenvironment02
Johan qvarfordt luxenvironment03
Johan qvarfordt luxenvironment01

Sara Södermans amazing vegetation lifted the environments to a whole new level of awesomeness!

Johan qvarfordt luxgif03

The game really comes alive with the amazing animations and VFX done by my colleagues!

Johan qvarfordt luxgif01
Johan qvarfordt luxgif02
Johan qvarfordt luxgif04
Johan qvarfordt luxtechnical04

Most of the meshes were created by other team members and then textured by me.

Johan qvarfordt luxtechnical03

This is so far the biggest environment I've been working on.

Johan qvarfordt luxtechnical01

I was in charge of lighting the environment. There were tons of lights!

Johan qvarfordt luxtechnical02

Game Trailer