The Apartment - Materials

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This is a showcase of some of the smart materials and base materials I created while doing my last environment The Apartment.
All the smart materials are created from scratch in substance painter, using some of my own base textures for stuff like wood.
The base materials are created from scratch inside of substance designer and are fully procedural.

Thanks for watching!

Johan qvarfordt basematerial03

The wood patterns were created fully procedural inside SD and also used as a base for some of my wooden objects.

Johan qvarfordt basematerial04
Johan qvarfordt basematerial02

I ended up not using the brick material , but it's one of my favorite materials from the project so I wanted to show it of anyway.

Johan qvarfordt basematerial01
Johan qvarfordt smartmaterial01
Johan qvarfordt smartmaterial04
Johan qvarfordt smartmaterial02
Johan qvarfordt smartmaterial03