Lux and the Temple of Shadows - Materials

These materials were created during a 7 week project at FutureGames, Stockholm, called L.U.X. - in the Temple of Shadows.
The main post of my work on the game can be found here:

I was in charge of texturing most of the assets during the project and also implementing and set dressing our level. I hade to work and iterate on the textures and materials throughout the project to make it readable and adhere to our style guide. We went for a Semi-Realistic style. In engine I was also in charge of setting up the master materials and vertex painting shader.

The designer materials are all rendered in 1024x1024 texture size like they were in game.

Johan qvarfordt luxmaterials01

The floor is the material I put the most time into during the project since we knew it would be very important. All of these variants are from the same graph.

Johan qvarfordt luxmaterials04

In engine I would paint on more dirt with vertex color to make the floor less tiling.

Johan qvarfordt luxmaterials03

I used Multi-Switches to effectively control the different tile inputs. I made sure to enable multiple parameters as well to be able to quickly change the outputs.

Johan qvarfordt luxmaterials02

Some other designer materials created.

Johan qvarfordt luxmaterials05

These are some smartmaterials created during the texture process of all the assets for the game.

Johan qvarfordt luxturntable

Dirty Robot Plastic in action. Modeled by Joakim Engholm, textured by me.